31 Reasons To Be Grateful On Your 31st Birthday

1.) I was raised by a woman who always saw the very best in people, and now I try to do the same.

2.) I was raised by a man who taught me how to write, how to be funny, how to connect with people, how to compete, and how to reflect.

3.) I grew up with four sisters who are some of the best friends I’ve ever known

4.) I’ve had the good fortune of having a male best friend from 7th grade – present who has offered me a greater love than some people in committed relationships are able to find, and I never have to have sex with him.

5.) My best friends remind me of my greatest qualities every single time I have to be reminded that I have great qualities.

6.) I have a wonderful support system at my job where people believe in me, and want me to succeed.

7.) I’m in better health than I was a year ago.  I have a better understanding of my disease (Still’s Disease – please google it and spread awareness) and I’m much better at managing it today.

8.) I miss my Nana every day, but I’m so thankful that before she left me she let me know in her special way that she was confident that comedy is my path, and I should always keep trying to make people laugh.  I was lucky to have that relationship with her.

9.) I don’t have a gluten allergy.

10.) I don’t have to pretend that my nieces are cute.

11.) Channing Tatum

12.) My partner in crime, and the fact that she’s now 1,500 miles away, which is probably for the best. #vacationbestfriends #vacationboyfriends #weresogoodatvacationing

13.) Free emergency tampons at my job.

14.) I didn’t meet my brothers, until my sisters ended up with them.

15.) Only one alcohol related arrest.

16.) Only one arrest.

17.) Uber

18.) There’s always an unlimited supply of wine at my office, my house, and my parent’s house.

19.) Jamaul, the fast food consultant at the McDonalds drive thru, knows me by name and order, and I’m still not obese.

20.) I survived a YouTube comment section worthy cyber bullying for being on a free publication. (Check out my DigBoston article here: https://digboston.com/breaking-in-tricia-auld-and-the-struggle-to-breach-boston-comedy/). #toughasfuck

21.) I haven’t had one bad roommate in 31 years!  My current living situation is my best yet – but, I’ve never in my life had a bad roommate.

22.) I’ve never been pregnant – on purpose or by accident.

23.) STD clean for 31 years; yeah Dr. Simmons is shocked too.

24.) I’m the proud, and very well established, owner of a couple of hashtags on Instagram: (#neverbeenmoresingle, #workneighbor, #izzysnaps)

25.) People still get boners around me a lot of the time.

26.) I’m flexible as fuck; nothing will stop these splits.

27.) I’m not divorced yet.

28.) I have a great rack.

29.) My disease made me wicked skinny, and have no appetite.

30.) I know exactly who my friends are, and who is supportive of my comedy career.

31.) I’m ONLY 31!!!

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