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Professional waitress and unemployed comedian, looking for love... and my next orgasm.

“Be A Red Sox Fan – Not A Yankee Hater!”

“Be A Red Sox Fan – Not A Yankee Hater!”

Hello!   Did you fans and haters know that I was on the cover of DigBoston’s summer preview?  I’ve been wanting to post about it for weeks, but held off so I could get all my thoughts together, which if you know me at all, is a rare and giant step for me.  But, here […]

I Still’s Have Still’s

#Warning #StillsAwarenessPost I still’s have Still’s disease. While out and about celebrating Sunday Funday, I got the opportunity to catch up with many people who only know me via blog, and social media presence.  The majority of these people aren’t currently dating someone who has been featured on my platform, so naturally they were devastated […]

How I Met My Neighbor

Hi humans!  Remember me?  If you don’t, I won’t be offended.  Just kidding.  I’m in a super sensitive place, and I need you, now, more than EVER.  I’ve been the shittiest blogger lately.  I didn’t die.  Here are a few things that I did do while I was away:  I got my BankOfAmerica account out […]

What Beauty Means To Me: 4th Grade Edition

Grade: 4     Age: 10 “What does beauty mean to me?  I think beauty is a wonderful thing.  Here is a good example, ME!  Here are some more examples, my hair, my eyes, my figure, my smile, and the soccer field.  I think a lot of animals are beautiful too.  For instance horses, dogs […]

I’M NOT SPITEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…I just want to publicly, and maliciously, destroy everyone who has ever wronged me.     Message sent to my blog today: “My friend Mish and I spent 3 hours of our work day trying to find your blog. Needless to say we finally found it. YES! We are from PA but visited Boston in […]

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